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Thinglink smiley.gif

  • Give photos new life by transforming them into impressive multimedia presentations featuring links, music, art, video and more!
  • Add interactive links to any photo and turn them into dynamic web experiences that drive engagement.
  • Since visual literacy is such a crucial component of teaching and learning at all grade levels, Thinglink would be the perfect tool to integrate into any classroom!
  • With this cool tool, everyone in the classroom to become a teacher and a learner!
  • Images can be embedded into blogs, wikis and/or web sites.
  • As for the possibilities this multimedia resource provides? Your imagination is the limit! Check out my Edutech for Teachers blog post to get those wheels turning:
  • Web site: http://www.thinglink.com

Example of Thinglink Used as a Teaching Tool:

Examples of Thinglink Used as a PD Tool:

Example of Thinglink Used as an Interactive Learning Experience:

Hover over the image to view the "hotspots".

Smore smiley.gif

  • Online tool to create amazing digital flyers.
  • Neat tool for sharing ideas, content and/or resources.
  • Great for newsletters, ads, announcements, professional development and curricular resources.
  • Easily share on social media sites and/or embed to blogs, wikis and web sites
  • Works seamlessly on mobile devices
  • Web site: https://www.smore.com

Student Example:

Teacher Example:

For additional examples, follow Alexandra Craig's Channel!

Bitstrips smiley.gif

  • Online comic strip generator.
  • Demands the conscious structure of visual and textual data with intention.
  • Encourages thinking and writing in a fun and engaging way.
  • Promotes creativity
  • Can be linked and/or embedded to blog, wikis or web pages
  • Information can be shared via various social networks and/with the use of an embed code.
  • Web site: http://www.bitstrips.com

Additional Resources:

Student Examples:

Corkboard.me smiley.gif

  • Customizable online message board.
  • Neat tool for promoting student collaboration and the sharing of ideas, content and/or resources.
  • Use to create brainstorming, writing and/or vocabulary activities that can be used as bell ringers, exit tickets and/or as a parking lot to solicit feedback regarding a specific topic.
  • Web site: http://hello.corkboard.me
  • Now available on the iPad! Check it out here.
  • Click here to access the warm-up activity.

AnswerGarden smiley.gif

  • Digital scribble space that converts data to a variety of word clouds.
  • Web-based polling/survey tool that allows users to create and publish a question.
  • Use to create brainstorming, writing and/or vocabulary activities that can be used as bell ringers, exit tickets and/or as a parking lot to solicit feedback regarding a specific topic.
  • Data can be exported to Wordle or Tagxedo.
  • Information can be shared via various social networks and/or a QR code.
  • Web site: http://answergarden.ch
  • Edutech for Teachers blog post: http://edutech4teachers.edublogs.org/2012/06/04/plant-a-question…-grow-an-“answer-garden” (Includes additional information, sample word clouds and integration ideas.)

Voki smiley.gif

  • Speaking avatar generator.
  • Great tool for adding some flair to a Do Now, Exit Ticket and/or assignment directions!
  • Students can utilize this tool in a variety of ways too (i.e. storytelling, depicting a character in a book or story, etc.)
  • Voki for Education – Includes Teacher’s Corner, Tips for Classroom Usage, Lesson Plan Database & Online Community.
  • Web site: http://www.voki.com

Big Huge Labs smiley.gif

Dream Destination Mash-up Project smiley.gif

  • Mash-ups combine a variety of media–music, text, video, images and/or a combination of web tools–into one composition.
  • Mash-ups challenge students to utilize numerous forms of media creatively.
  • The possibilities are endless and can be inspirational to students.
  • Brief Description: This assignment was designed to combine, or "mash", a variety of tools and applications together to form one final product. Through a series of activities and processes, students selected a dream vacation destination and then developed a Wikispaces page containing a digital poster utilizing Glogster. Besides containing images and information about the selected location, a video developed using Animoto was also embedded. Students also generated a unique title for their wikis by using the Cool Text web site. Throughout the entire BDA process, students were engaged in numerous reading, writing, listening and speaking activities. They also had the opportunity to showcase their knowledge of several applications to create a visual and interactive culminating activity. In addition, they were also given several opportunities to share ideas, thoughts and feedback with their classmates regarding the project. It doesn't get much more 21st Century than this!
  • Student Examples:Learn more: How to Use Mashups in the Classroom

Wikispaces smiley.gif

Glogster smiley.gif

You need Flash plugin

(Click on any thumbnail in the presentation to view a glog in full screen mode.)

Other materials/resources:

Animoto smiley.gif

  • Create dynamic presentations incorporating images, video clips, music and text.
  • Excellent tool for digital storytelling projects and/or movie and book trailer activities. My personal favorite! :)
  • Tips for integration into the curriculum: http://animoto.com/education.
  • BAMS Middle School Tech Club Examples: http://jf20.wikispaces.com (Scroll to “Tech Kids Projects” on left navigation bar.)
  • Web site: http://animoto.com/education

Mixbook smiley.gif

  • Powerful suite of completely customizable digital storytelling tools!
  • Great alternative to traditional book reports and handmade books.
  • Create individually and/or collaboratively.
  • Excellent "real world" 21st Century teaching and learning tool!
  • Share finished products with other via link or embed into wikis, web sites and/or blogs.
  • Photo books can also be printed.
  • Many possible applications across the K-12 curriculum!
  • Web site: http://www.mixbook.com
  • Edutech for Teachers blog post: http://edutech4teachers.edublogs.org/2012/06/30/mixbook (Includes additional information, examples and integration ideas.)

  • BAMS Tech Club Example:

Mixbook - Create Beautiful Photo Books and Scrapbooks! | Start your own Photo Books | Create custom Christmas Cards

Paper Slide Videos smiley.gif

Ancient Egypt Example
Sixth Grade Math Example

Sequencing Example
How-To Example

Instructional Video Example (Teacher Generated)
Just for Fun!

Check out the BAMS Tech Club Anti-bullying Paper Slide Video Contest Winners!

First Place
Second Place
Third Place
More information about this contest can be found here and here.

Other materials/resources:

Fakebook in the Classroom smiley.gif

  • Ancient Greece Mythology Example/Template:

  • Ancient Greece Mythology Student Project:

  • Ancient Greece Mythology Student Project:

Popplet smiley.gif

  • Online mind mapping/brainstorming tool for concept maps, diagrams and sorting activities.
  • Great for helping students visual concepts!
  • Use in conjunction with various instructional strategies including bell ringers, exit tickets, KWL charts and/or think alouds.
  • Finished products can be exported as an jpg or pdf and/or can be embedded to a web page or blog.
  • Excellent potential for a wide range of classroom activities in all grade levels and content areas (i.e. to gauge student knowledge before teaching a unit, help students link concepts together, summarize information, assist retention and recall and/or as a multimedia collage).
  • Web site: http://popplet.com
  • Edutech for Teachers blog post: http://edutech4teachers.edublogs.org/2012/04/17/popplet (Includes additional information and integration ideas.)

Live Binders smiley.gif

  • Virtual 3-ring notebook for the Internet!
  • Allows users to collect resources – web sites, images, videos PDFs and Word documents – and then organize them into a virtual web binder.

  • Binders can be shared from the web site and/or they can be embedded into wikis or blogs.
  • Use this tool for digital student portfolios or as a means to keep students organized as they complete research projects. They could actually submit the "Live Binder" as a final project, which could include all web research, notes and final written work associated with the overall project.
  • Teachers can create digital textbooks and other assignments for students via a LiveBinder.
  • This application is also a great time saver for the computer lab or when using computers in the classroom – especially when multiple resources on the same topic are being utilized throughout a lesson/project. No more delays while students type lengthy URLs!
  • All content can be updated and stored online for easy student access from both school and at home or any place there is an Internet connection.
  • Live Binders Tip & Tricks: http://livebinders.com/play/play/3342
  • Web site: http://livebinders.com
  • Edutech for Teachers blog post: http://edutech4teachers.edublogs.org/2012/05/14/live-binders (Includes integration ideas and numerous examples from the Featured Binders section of the Live Binders web site where a ton of pre-made resources are awaiting you!)

Symbaloo smiley.gif

  • Similar to Live Binders, Symbaloo is another social media tool that both teachers and students can utilize to organize and manage online resources.
  • Integration ideas:Web site: http://edu.symbaloo.com
    • e-Portfolios/Personal Learning Environment - Students collect web resources they utilize for learning purposes and save them in one place. The best part is that students still have access to this information beyond the classroom walls and better yet - once the school year has ended.
    • Presentation tool - Teachers and/or students can present a Symbaloo webmix focusing on a favorite topic.
    • Lesson plans - Create interactive lesson plans to share with your class.
  • Check out the "Keyboarding Fun" webmix I utilize with my Computers 5 class:

Photo Peach smiley.gif

  • Web-based slide show generator that can be utilized to develop multimedia presentations at any grade level and in any content area.
  • Create digital stories to introduce, teach and/or review concepts and/or use this tool for a variety of project-based assessments.
  • Provide the opportunity for students to imagine, plan, design, compose and invent - all skills crucial to 21st Century learning - by allowing them the create "peaches" based on their understanding of skills acquired during a lesson or unit.
  • Utilize the quiz function to develop activities that involve a variety of instructional activities: Bell ringers, anticipation guides and exit tickets to name a few. The quizzes can also be utilized for formative assessment purposes.
  • On a simpler note, use Photo Peach to highlight a class project, activity and/or field trip.
  • Web site: http://photopeach.com
  • Edutech for Teachersblog post: http://edutech4teachers.edublogs.org/2012/03/13/photo-peach (Includes additional information and integration ideas.)

Example of a quiz created for an Ancient Egypt Chapter Review activity:

ClassTools.net smiley.gif

Interactive Whiteboard Resources smiley.gif

Google Docs: Forms smiley.gif

  • Use for various writing activities.
  • Excellent for exit tickets and/or formative assessments!
  • Receive immediate feedback via a spreadsheet and/or graph.
  • Great for student surveys as well.

What if my students don't have email accounts? Then check out these resources...