Polyvision Interactive Whiteboards: Bring Learning to Life

Take your classroom to the next level with the PolyVision TS Series interactive whiteboard, a flexible teaching tool that allows you to turn every lesson into a dynamic one! In the hands of a creative teacher, interactive whiteboards have the power to engage students and transform standard classroom learning in English, biology, foreign language, geography, language arts, geography, civics, art, history and more...

From static lessons to active learning

PolyVision touch-sensitive, interactive whiteboards are part computer monitor, part giant mouse pad, part whiteboard and part sketchpad. Teachers can project a lesson, navigate a website, advance slides, write notes and save the screen for posting… all while leading a classroom full of engaged students.

Equipping Teachers for Success

Today’s students are most comfortable and successful in multi-channel, multi-sensory, multitasking learning environments. Static textbooks, long lectures and chalk on a blackboard just don’t cut it anymore. Because teaching in a "wired" society can be a challenge, PolyVision helps teachers maximize the potential of 21st century classroom and teaching tools through a variety of online tutorials that demonstrate how to use new teaching tools, interactive websites, curriculum resources, and content software within the context of your classroom curriculum.
Be sure to check out the Polyvision web site for the latest and greatest interactive whiteboard teaching tips! A plethora of resources is just a few clicks away...

  • Polyvision Wiki ~ Get inspired with Polyvision's wiki site designed as an online resource for teachers to share ideas and lessons. Become a member of Polyvision's wiki to find helpful information such as:
    • Interactive website (K-16 appropriate)
    • Easiteach lesson examples
    • Information on using other technology in the classroom
    • Basic technical information on the interactive whiteboard
    • And much more... So be sure to join today!

  • Polyvision ~ Bring life to learning using resources specifically created for educators utilizing interactive whiteboards to infuse technology into the curriculum:
    • Interative teaching tips
    • View the interactive classroom equipped for success
    • Additional TS Series Interactive Whiteboard information
    • Teacher success stories
    • Professional development opportunities

  • Easiteach Interactive Whiteboard Software ~ Make the most of your interactive whiteboard with standards aligned Math, Science and Language Arts content packs and toolbars
    • Overview
    • Product Tour
    • Demo Videos
    • Download free lesson plans at MyEasiteach.com
    • Register for free webinars
    • Receive support services and additional resources