Classrooms for the Future: How Pennsylvania Students Will Benefit

Today's students live in a digital world. As schools do their best to prepare students to become productive citizens in the 21st Century marketplace, the tools and techniques of instruction are changing. Classrooms for the Future is about creating environments where students can experience deep cognitive development by utilizing inquiry-based lessons, real and relevant project-based learning, and the use of a variety of communication and collaboration tools. Teachers are facilitators, guides, and co-investigators while students are producers, apprentices, and co-explorers.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education has provided both infrastructure and support for the integration of technology and improved instruction in Math, Science, Social Studies and English classrooms across the state. High school students are poised to enter the workforce or continue their education; therefore, it is important that education prepares them for the challenges of our digital society in the short window of opportunity that remains.

There are many examples of how schools should adapt to the needs of today’s students. Not only is technology relevant to the world in which we live, it can transform the learning experience. However, as with many essential changes, it requires a fundamental shift in the approach to education.

Classrooms for the Future recognizes and embraces the need for high school reform, enabling teachers to use technology as an effective tool for educating students, while preparing them to enter and successfully compete in the ever-expanding high-tech global marketplace.

For more information, check out the PDE Classrooms for the Future website.