CFF Professional Development Workshop
February 12, 2009
  • General Session – Library; BDA Lesson Development/Peer Observations
  • Demo of technology integration activities – Ali Stodart, Room 205
  • Discussion of technology integration into BDA model
  • Join content area listserv
  • Break out session with peer partner; Begin lesson development
  • Demo the ability to connect and utilize IWB basics – Individual teachers

Other Items to Note:
  • I will not be available to complete the “before” and/or “during” portions of the BDA model on the following dates:

v February 19, 2009 – Google Earth training for CFF teachers
v February 23-27, 2009

Therefore, your reflective paragraphs will not be due until March 10.

To Join a Listserv:
1. Address an email to:
2. Ignore the subject line
3. In the body of the message type: subscribe name of cff mailing list (see below) yourfirstname yourlastname

Subject Specific Mailing Lists:

Integration Activity Ideas:
  • Discovery Education video clip followed by a 3,2,1; Do Now; Type I or II Writing Activity; Ticket Out the Door
  • Listent a podcast followed by a 3,2,1; Do Now; Type I or II Writing Activity; Ticket Out the Door
  • Use of a netTrekker Resource as an introduction and/or review of a concept
  • Construct a lesson revolving around the use of a netTrekker resource and/or Web 2.0 tool

Wanna Get More Adventurous?
  • Create a digital poster using Glogster (go)
  • Develop a podcast – teacher; students; combination thereof (go)
  • Create a wordle (go)
  • Create a digital story using Photostory (go)
  • Complete a collaborative project using a wiki (go)
  • Utilize the discussion board feature of a wiki (go)