Technology Integration: Taking the Next Step

A few integration ideas:

  • Show a Discovery Education video clip followed by a 3,2,1; Do Now; Type I or II Writing Activity; Ticket Out the Door
  • Listen to a podcast followed by a 3,2,1; Do Now; Type I or II Writing Activity; Ticket Out the Door
  • Use of a netTrekker resource as an introduction and/or review of a concept
  • Construct a lesson revolving around the use of a netTrekker resource, Discovery Education video clip and/or Web 2.0

Places to locate educational podcasts:

  • ITunes/ITunes U (School House Rock, Grammar Girl, Using Mathematics, Biochemistry, Lincoln and the Civil War, Medieval Europe, etc.)
  • Podbean
  • Podcast Alley

Podcasting in Education Resources:

  • FREE Podcasting Booklet for Teachers and Students here. An excellent resource!
  • Educational Podcasting ~ A collection of tools, articles and ideas for teachers and students who wish to join the podcasting revolution!
  • Be sure to check out the "Podcasts" link on this wiki for additional ideas and resources! =)
  • Check out the following blog from the Punxsutawney School District which contains tons of teacher and student created podcasts. This is a great way to see how this tool can be integrated into your curriculum! Give it a try here. =)

Wanna get more adventurous? Ask me how to help you incorporate one or more of the following ideas! =)

  • Create a digital poster using Glogster; Check out sixth grade book report projects here.
  • Develop a podcast - teacher, student(s), and/or a combination thereof; Check out how Mrs. Winesickle reinforced both written and oral communication skills to create podcasts with her kindergarten students here.
  • Create a Wordle; View how Ms. Trostle/Mrs. Hubona's AP English class experimented with this Web 2.0 tool here.
  • Complete a project - wiki style; Take a sneak peek into Mrs. Burch's Endangered Species science project here.
  • Complete a collaborative project using a wiki; See how Ms. Iachini does so with comprehension questions in reading class here.
  • Enable the discussion board feature of a wiki and have students complete a writing assignment; Read sixth grade journal responses here.
  • Venture into digital storytelling using Photostory; Be sure to view the examples listed below:

"The Gang" ~ An example I created to demonstrate some of Photostory's capabilities...

Mrs. Kuhn's First Grade Class ~ "Meet Our Friends" Project...