It’s clear that today’s students rely heavily on electronic devices – even when they’re not incorporated into the classroom. In one survey of college students, 38% said they couldn’t even go 10 minutes without switching on some sort of gadget. But how students are using their devices, how technology is affecting their educational experience, and what effect it has on their well-being are questions that are more difficult to answer. The infographic shown below, created by, has summed up some of the existing research on these points. (Source:

Yep, I know... The research used to create this particular graphic focuses on technology usage among college students. However, much of the literature involving K-12 students reflects similar statistics: They achieve best when learning involves participation in engaging, meaningful and rigorous content via the use of real-world tools. The bottom line is that all educators need to find ways to integrate tools and applications across all grade levels and into all curricular areas in order to provide our students with the 21st Century skills they need to thrive in an ever-changing highly technical society. Afterall, we are preparing our students for life beyond PSSA testing!

Students Love Technology

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